A Little About Me


I have had a camera in my hand since I was big enough to hold one. With a love for landscapes, nature and movement, I started with photographing and drawing mainly still objects and landscapes, especially when on holiday.
As I grew older, with the consistent feedback I received about how great an eye I had, I tried my hand at moving objects. My first ever portrait drawing was that of my cousin at age 15. He was so awed by my skills that he has kept the drawing framed on his bedroom wall ever since.
I have since done sports, baby, portrait and model photography worldwide. Most of my images were sold as stock which brings me to this phase in life – a phase where I would like for my images to be used by whom I shoot.


Selfie on Location

My Style


The style I wish to encapsulate is evident especially on my Twitter feed.
Sexy and alluring. Nude but demure. Sophisticated but erotic.
My inspiration comes from fine nude art and classic boudoir photography that showcases all the right curves without baring it all.
I prefer to give direction where required as this allows us to attain the most perfect photography imaginable.


My Aim


To create a stress-free, fun environment in which we produce a portfolio of images that will awaken even the tamest of imaginations.
To construct the ideal collection of imagery that you will savour and enjoy for years to come.